My journey and learning during the lockdown and technology being my companion.

 Today, being a student from the MIE, due to the lockdown I have faced many issues to pursue my studies online. My laptop crashed at the begining of the lockdown and I have to use the laptop of my sister-in-law. It has been quite tough to be able to share her laptop as she had online classes and tuitions too. We managed somehow. During the previous weeks, I had missed some classes due to sickness, power cut and internet issues. Despite being at the clinic, I carried my things and laptop so as not to miss any classes. Some days it was hard as there were doctors' visit, tests and the surgery. 

When we talk about studying at home, we think about laying on a sofa or bed and study. There are advantages of online sessions, for example: I do not need to change my pyjamas or travel to go at the institution because we are studying at home and no one has to know what you are wearing. Or simply you can be in your bed or seated at your studying table and no one would care how you are seated. We are more at ease studying the way we are but it can drive us to be lazy as well. I cannot count how many times I have fallen asleep during some of the online sessions. I could blame it on the medications that i have been taking or simply agree that I have been too lazy to sit on a chair and prefered laying on my bed!

Since the lockdown, we have been given loads of classwork, homeworks and readings to do. It is not easy being a housewife, student, daughter-in-law, a pet caretaker and lastly a human. There are things that we have time to do and despite being home 24hrs, there are things that are left behind due to lack of time and energy. After 6hrs online sessions, I am dead tired! I do not want to do any homework or cook or take my dog for a walk. 

Fortunately, we have some comprehensive lectures and they understand that we are humans and we cannot do so much things at a time. During my IT classes, which has been mostly online sessions since the begining of the course, I have been taught how to create different creative online tools to study and to teach. The google classroom for example; we are able to study while teaching others. we are able to make researches and encourage others to partcipate. The google classroom enable us to make little assignments, tests and quizs which are good ways for revision purposes. I have come accross many online apps for teaching; Google classroom, Kahoots!, Diigo, ClassDojo and so on. These apps are here to simplify both teaching and learning which are more adaptable than than the traditional ways. 


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